Student Blogging Challenge #10 Questions and Answers

  • Q1: Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?
  • Q2: Which challenges were the most useful?
  • Q3: Which challenges were the most interesting?
  • Q4: What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?
  • Q5: Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post
  • Q6: Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?
  • Q7: Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wall-wisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?
  • Q8: Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?
  • Q9: Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?
  • Q10: Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular
  • A1: We had to go to the challenge in the blog ourselves.
  • A2: I think challenge number nine was the most useful challenge because it reminds you if you have done your post.
  • A3: The most interesting challenge to me is challenge #7 because we were able to learn about Earth day. Also, because we got to make a comic about Earth day and it was fun.
  • A4: I’d like a challenge saying something like questions on sport and favorite food.
  • A5: No i don’t think any tutorials are needed there is plenty of them and if someone doesn’t get it then they probably were not listening.
  • A6:You can visit the post by going to the links given by the people who have posted on the challenge already.
  • A8: Yes, there was enough blogs to visit .
  • A9: Yes, there was the Earth day challenge which made a class discussion. I did not make any connection that where global but my classmates maybe did.
  • A10: The challenge was very odd because isn’t everything suppose to end with a BOOM!! But this ended with a little fake pistol shot.

Everyday hero

The everyday hero I am going to be talking about is my uncle Felix. When my uncle was a kid he lived in Inglewood. My uncle only speaks Spanish when he was a kid because my grandparents only speaks Spanish. He didn’t learn English till he was 6, But he went to school at the age of 5. He hung around kids that got him in trouble but stopped because my grandpa started to be hard on him. He had a short temper so, if someone said one little thing he would lose it and get mad.

My uncle achieved many goals. After being a bad kid he got a job working at Lowe’s. He also, got two kids he loves. Has a really good salary pay. And has a nice house with a nice family. He had friends that come to his house to watch boxing. That is his dream he wants to be a professional boxer, still is. I think he can still achieve that goal because he is fast and strong.

The neighborhood my uncle lived in was Inglewood. He said that it was real noisy but, that there was many kids play with. There was no violence just drunk people doing dumb stuff. He lived in an apartment with four other people, his two parents, his sister, and his Dog. This is all he told me.

My uncle dealt with his problems like this. He had got a kid and wanted to be a good example so, he straigtened  up. He also, moved to a different neighborhood. My grandpa told my uncle that one of his friends was hiring for a job at an Auto Parts Warehouse. He also, had a girlfriend that calmed him down when he was mad, he is still with her. That is how my uncle dealt with his problems.

That is my uncle Felix’s life from a kid to an adult. Thanks for reading my post.


Sebastian and Matthew were walking home from school. They decided to go through an alley way they use for shortcuts. Matthew is kicking things on the floor, and then e gets to a box that is upside down Sebastian is looking at two rectangular pieces of paper. Sebastian and Matthew are both curious so they both bend over at the same time and hit each others head and have a pain moan they laugh. But their still curious and they look  at the papers and see that there for Kingpin’s Rage concert. They start wondering why would someone would leave these tickets. They stop wondering and run different paths to their homes.they would call each other when done with homework. They decided that Matthew would hold the tickets and they would meet up at Sebastian’s house. Matthew is a medium built 5’11 beast for football; he plays football at the position of starting quarterback with a cannon as a arm of course the team captain. Sebastian is a skinny 6’1 beast for soccer; he is fast on his feet while playing  as an attacker also he is the team captain. They both have medium length brown hair; they wear super skinnies, flannel, and van.

The next day was a shiny, bright, hot Saturday morning. Matthew talked to Sebastian through the phone. Matthew told Sebastian that we’ll meet up later this day. They agreed there moms also agreed they just had to clean their room.When Matthew was finished cleaning he left with out a trace.He reached Sebastian’s house in seconds. Sebastian’s mom answered the door she said that your mother was worried sick where you were. He called her and got yelled at. He went up the stairs to Sebastian’s room. Sebastian has a red and  black painted room, with posters of his favorite rock bands he has a 42′ plasma TV with surround sounds, also with  a PS3 connected. They talked about how they will go out and eat and tell their moms that they want to go to the mall. They agreed to stick with the plan. Matthew left to his house and got yelled at by his om again. He wen up the stairs to his room; Matthew has an all black room with video game posters an rock band posters. He has a 44′ plasma with surround sound also with a PS3. He told his mom if they could go to a restraunt with  Sebastian and his mom. She thought about it and said OK. He checked with Sebastian and he said his mom also said yes.

It was another hot, bright beautiful day. They had went in Lupe’s  car (Matthew’s mom) she has a Porsche truck. (I hate that car my brother told me to put it) They went to Chicken and Waffles. When they were eating their meal Sebastian told the parents, Mom, Lupe can we go to the mall tomorrow you know it is labor day. The mothers went to the ladies room to think it over. They could not go listen through the door because that’s not appropriate. It took them 10 minutes, but to them it felt like hours.They sat down Monica said,”you can not go we are going out to eat all of us even your cousins.” They cried in astonishment Mathew demanded to go to the mall, the mothers said nothing. In the car Matthew got yelled at. They dropped Sebastian off at his house, she brought Monica with her because they were going to the mall.

Immediately after Matthew got put of the car and to his room he called Sebastian. Sebastian picked up they talked about how we are going to sneak out and go to the concert, they agreed to that plan. Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days. It was finally Monday; he called Sebastian and said that we got to take the bus to Madison Square Garden arena, when they got there the teens showed the security the tickets. They got in and showed the security the tickets. They got in and bought sour gummy, popcorn, and two sodas. When they were walking in they got tripped by two twenty year old. The security saw and told the adults to pay for them. Matthew told the security guard that it was all cool he’ll just get more. The security guard liked the teens attitude and told the the teens to come with him. The security guard’s name was Jake and luckily Jake was the head of security and King Pin rage’s close friend. So Matthew and Sebastian got autographs and photos with Kingpin. They had to go at the middle of the concert because his mom was yelling at him. They told Jake to tell Kingpin thanks for the photos. When they got back home from the bus they agreed to tell the worried mothers everything that happened. They old the mothers everything; they showed them the pictures, autographs, and the backstage passes. They still got grounded for a month and no sports for a week. That’s how the three days of making there moms nuts went.

Research Report

Research report by:Ivan


Sicilian customs, gangs, and food every place you never heard about is very interesting and especially if this place has a very dangerous gang. So read this paper and be amazed about Sicily the small island beneath Italy. Sicily has delicious pizza, to customs which they drink and dance till the end of time, to a very infamous gang that kills anyone who get in their way of money. The Sicilians are very interesting so, keep reading.


Sicily does not  have a common way like America. Sicily is mostly a Christian based country. Sicilians celebrate a queens birthday and make a humongous pizza with ingredients  like; tomatoes, olives, anchovies, mushrooms, onions, a cheese that is dried then flavored by hand, also a soft crust that is made by hand. Sicilians people think that every ingredient should be sliced and prepared by hand. (bestofsicily) On November 11th they celebrate a holiday called St. Martin’s day they drink a grape wine to cheer to his name next to a village named Messina.While they celebrate stuff the men wear something different then Americans they drees in a scarf around the waist, red cuffed up pants with long white socks, with boots, a white shirt, a black bow, a pirate looking coat that is small on them with a black fedora hat. They wear different things but, mostly that. the Women wear many things but these two are common a colored long blue dress, with socks that go to the knees and a scarf with a black coat. Or the women wear a brown dress, with a white skirt underneath the dress, a long sleeve colored shirt, and a hat that covers their whole entire hair. Sicilians play an instrument called the Ciarameda it is made of goatskin has three tubes but only one tube is used. They say the others are only used for decorations.(bestofsicily)And they use that instrument and clothes when they celebrate important holidays. Those are some of Sicily’s customs.

Picture 3

Sicilian Food

Sicilian people eat whatever they grow like crops and whatever they fish, so they mostly eat sea food. Sicily is an island so they are surrounded by water so their main supply of food is from the ocean. So they eat stuff like octopus, crap, fish, crab, and much more. From cold seafood to warm hot drinks Sicilians drink hot coco, coffee, i can give you a whole list but let us stop here. They have tasteful wines with fruits mixed like grapes, coconut, and strawberries. They serve fantastic humongous pizza with delicious ingredients like mushrooms, anchovies, onions, and much more.They have really famous foods like meatballs with spaghetti, fish olive oil, tuna couscous, and sweet pastries like, pie, cake, cheesecake, and delicious deserts like those.

Picture 4

Sicilian Gang

One of the most notorious gangs in 1920 still going on now the mafia. Just like crypts and bloods there was different mafia gangs like Luciano family and the Corleone family. The mafia get their money from doing illegal stuff like importing drugs girl narcotics, grand theft auto, robbery, murder, and blackmailing. Before they get arrested they pay the government and tell them to be on our side and you’ll be protected. If the senate would deny they’ll be ordered to death.(mybrother)Their is many mafia bosses the the most infamous ones are Vito Genovese, Lucky Luciano, Gambino, and Gaetano their was much more but I will only talk about them(wikipedia). Vito genovese well he was not a trusted man he would kill someone when he was ordered but the bosses only said that nothing else. He killed people with stealth and quickly. He worked for many people but mostly for Lucky Luciano. When Lucky died Vito became boss. Lucky Luciano was was a backstabber when his boss did not know he sent someone to go kill him. After Maranzino died Luck became boss because he was under boss and he was smart. Lucky had killed another boss but right before that boss died he sent a person to kill him. Now Gambino, Gambino became underboss when his boss had died and the underboss space was open. Again his boss died and he became boss. Gambino lived a long life but when he went to a New York game and died off of a heart attack. Gambino also, his boss died he became underboss and then his boss died again and he became boss.(gangsterinc)( is 5 positions or jobs you could have in the Mafia it was a soldier, capo, underboss, consligere, and of course the boss.Well a soldier practically a private was the one bossed around and really could not tell anyone what to do. A capo was like a captain he bossed soldiers or privates around. And had soldiers following him. The next is underboss an underboss was like the colonel he bossed capos and soldiers he had capos and soldiers following him. The consligere which was the General who could boss ever one around except the boss. He would mostly make deals so he was the mind of the family he had body guards surround him. And the boss which is the President who bosses every person in his gang. Well there can be however many soldiers, however many capos, only one underboss, one consligere, and one boss in each mafia gang and if the boss is injured the under boss is the one who leads the gang until the boss says he feels better.(myownknowledge)

Picture 5


I think Sicily is a very interesting place to visit but if you go be careful for the mafia and the octopuses. Well that is the small little island beneath Italy which seams like it is going to be kicked lick a soccer ball. I wonder how a little island has so much violent to delicious food minds which people come up with new stuff.Well that is my topic and what I researched on so hope you liked it.



I am going to be typing one of my personal thoughts. My Dad had an agony pain inside his neck so, one day he decided to go to the hospital they x-ray him and saw that he had a tumor.(A big chunk of loose meat) the tumor was where sensitive nerves which you need to walk and if the doctors messed up he would not be able to move. I remember seeing him praying in his room alone he heard me but, did not do anything when he was done he hugged me and I cried. When the day came relatives and friends came to wish him luck. My brothers and sister and me were not able to go. We went to my grandma’s house, when I was there it felt like days were passing. Finally, my mom comes smiling and crying. She says that he made it through surgery. I hop in the car my siblings also jump in but, then my Mom says I can not go. After many tears fall I hesitate and run to a room and lock myself in. After my siblings came back they were bragging and laughing at me. I had to sleep at my grandmas house because my mom slept at the hospital. I had to listen to my cousin punch walls and throw things because he was dying in a video game. While I was waiting for the days to end I could not sleep and I got many headaches. I to0k a picture of my Dad outside and it felt like all the water in my body came out. I could not wait any longer it was like torture. My family except me went to the hospital but, This time i let him feel my emotions through the phone we had talked over how I couldn’t go or all the bacteria would easily get me sick. My mom called my Grandma that my Dad was at my home. Without telling anyone I got on a bike and went home . I was Happy I have not seen him in three days. Tears were rolling off my cheeks while I was riding the bike extremely fast . I opened the house door and it was dark except for a single light. I walked in and hugged my dad for at least  two minutes. After the surgery we lived another everyday normal life. What I experienced in this event was that anything can happen and emotions will always fill the air.

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Hi, my name is Ivan and this is my blog.  The reason I am doing this blog is because my teacher is making the whole class make one and if it was an option i would still make one.  What i am going to be writing about in my blog is sports , school, and fun activities that people do.

What I like to do in free time is to play basketball and football, play video games, and watch the New york Giants and Los Angeles Lakers beat other teams.