Everyday hero

The everyday hero I am going to be talking about is my uncle Felix. When my uncle was a kid he lived in Inglewood. My uncle only speaks Spanish when he was a kid because my grandparents only speaks Spanish. He didn’t learn English till he was 6, But he went to school at the age of 5. He hung around kids that got him in trouble but stopped because my grandpa started to be hard on him. He had a short temper so, if someone said one little thing he would lose it and get mad.

My uncle achieved many goals. After being a bad kid he got a job working at Lowe’s. He also, got two kids he loves. Has a really good salary pay. And has a nice house with a nice family. He had friends that come to his house to watch boxing. That is his dream he wants to be a professional boxer, still is. I think he can still achieve that goal because he is fast and strong.

The neighborhood my uncle lived in was Inglewood. He said that it was real noisy but, that there was many kids play with. There was no violence just drunk people doing dumb stuff. He lived in an apartment with four other people, his two parents, his sister, and his Dog. This is all he told me.

My uncle dealt with his problems like this. He had got a kid and wanted to be a good example so, he straigtenedĀ  up. He also, moved to a different neighborhood. My grandpa told my uncle that one of his friends was hiring for a job at an Auto Parts Warehouse. He also, had a girlfriend that calmed him down when he was mad, he is still with her. That is how my uncle dealt with his problems.

That is my uncle Felix’s life from a kid to an adult. Thanks for reading my post.

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